Back To School

BCF assists the underprivileged children with stationery, uniform & school fees.

Sarah Fox

BCF assists the home with gifts.

Heideveld Clinic

BCF assists every alternate month with food parcels so that the patients can take the ARVs as they are too ill to work but to well qualify for a grant.


BCF donates prosthesis (false breast) to cancer survivor who fall under the low income range.

Santa Shoe Box

BCF assists 3 childrens' homes with a gift & luxuries to put a smile on their faces for christmas.

Easter Giving

BCF assists by making pickle fish & easter eggs for Easter and hand them out to communities and destitute.


BCF assists the mosque and communities with fitrah parcels.

Cancer Awareness

BCF assists with cancer & HIV awareness with early detection and support.

Food Parcels

BCF assists with food parcels to those in need in the community


BCF assists with donations to families so that those in need can be catered for

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