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Lydia's Journey

It is 3 years since Lydia first encountered breast cancer, she was 44 years old then. Lydia is a mother of a son 27 years old and a daughter 21 years old, no grand children. She is the youngest of 5 sisters, with one brother.The thought of facing breast cancer was shocking to her and to the family, as she was the only one in the entire family who had the disease.

In March 2013, a lump suddenly appeared and Lydia went immediately to the doctor. The result was an early diagnosis of breast cancer which later led to a masectomy. Lydia was blessed not to go through the experience of chemotherapy and radiation. She attributes her survival to early detection.

Life Beyond Breast Cancer

While in hospital with the experience of this dilemma, she became acutely aware of the lack of information available to sufferers of this disease. How much women in Cape Town and especially in our low income area, are going through the same breast cancer dilemma and how much patients are depressed.

The bread winners that can't afford a prothesis (false breast) let alone food, clothing, blankets, rent, awareness and support. She thought why should anyone or a family ever have to make such life changing decisions without support.

With the knowledge of the available options and exposure to the people who care, she felt the seed of caring even more for others was grafted into her heart. It was at this crucial moment in her life Lydia that applied for registration in June 2013. The Breast Care Foundation was then later approved by social development September 2013.

Awards & Recognitions

After matriculating Lydia worked for Avroy Shlain Cosmetics at a young age of 18 years old. She was trained as a beauty consultants and progressed to Manageress to Area Manageress. In this role, she then trained +- 50 employees, maintained sales targets, achieved invitation to an overseas trip to Rio de Janeiro , Buenos Aries & Disney World (USA) and was granted a merit award for growth.

She then worked for Edgars V&A Waterfront for a short while deciding to work for Nutri Health Africa beta science from Johannesburg. She was trained by Dr Robin Peterson on vitamins and health and progressed from Team Leader to Gold Director Trainer. She was also a awarded a second trip to Rio de Janeiro.

Lydia then assisted a NPO with fund raising and projects. Lydia can now motivate through her experiences and deliver a message of hope to women, families and communities.

Her desire is to help others.

Who We Are

Breast Care Foundation is a recognised and respected registered Section 18 NPO and depends on there own fundraising to assist women, families, hospitals, children, destitute with life saving information and assistance of food parcels, clothing, blankets, soup kitchens, stationery, etc. Nothing successful is ever accomplished alone as Lydia has a strong team of employees, sponsors, consultants to deliver help those in need.


Breast Care Foundation's mission is to provide help and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer and to assist with early detection. We also assist with awareness of HIV. They aim to be a support service by assisting those beneficiaries (disabilities, destitute, pensioners) with low income range, with food parcels and mammograms.


As we grow, Breast Care Foundation would like to move to a bigger premises to make and design prosthesis, make daily awareness talks available and to assist beneficiaries daily with food, clean clothes and blankets.

Management Committee

CEO / Public Officer : Lydia Alexander

Chairperson : Sasha-Lee Coetzee

Treasurer : Leroy Alexander

Deputy Chairperson : Maureen Barandella

Telemarketer / Project Manageress : Samantha Rustin

Auditor : Mark Gore (Chartered Accounts SA)


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